About Us

Boursat Riyadh was founded as a company specializing in several fields like contracting, real estate, construction, import and exports within a short period of time and spread the spirit of determination and ambition. Boursat Riyadh grown and expanded in various fields aspiring to get operation and management contracts for the largest and the most challenging. Recently Boursat Riyadh has assigned some of the contracts and the company has implemented it in a short period, and the company is proud that it has many projects and contracts with the private and public sectors.

Our Values

Our Approach is Total Quality.
Team spirit.
Taking care of initiatives.
Time is our wealth.
Honesty between ourselves and with others.

Our Mission

We strive to provide services characterized by high quality and by extreme accuracy which takes technology invention and management techniques skills a base for us to occupy an advanced leading place in construction field by providing excellent services.

Our vision

To develop innovative real estate projects of high quality contribute to the development of society, and modernize Saudi housing in a professional style and development of integrated urban communities, equipped with all social, commercial, recreational and cultural facilities that create the proper climate for building unique Saudi life experience emulates the best in the world, based on urban rules and service of high productivity, and at the lowest possible cost, taking into account the risk diversification across investment portfolio management supported by income of leased commercial real estate.
To achieve these goals, “Bourslt Riyadh” felt to provide a professional environment based on the vision of its founder, Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Hamdan, who put his distinguished mark in the real estate industry and establishing vital projects within a holistic methodologies and studies in order to achieve the aspirations of investors and community alike.
“Bourslt Riyadh” seeks to provide the best care and the highest quality of service to international standards, and follows the policy of working on a balanced portfolio between revenue / profits and the sale of residential, commercial and recreational units, which provide a financial stable return.

Our goals

Make a long term relationship with customers to achieve the desired goal.
Achieve sustainable development in the Saudi Arabia
Providing opportunities for successful for real estate investment.
Innovative real estate products
Providing best tools provide mortgage to our customers
Attention to the wealth of environmental and conservation strategies